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What do you have in common with the Oscar winners, Action Heroes, and Screen Titans of today? 


That’s right. You have a body. And just like them, you want it to look a certain way. It’s time for you to learn what so many A-list Hollywood Celebrities already have: the body you NEED is somewhere inside the body you HAVE. 


To find the keys to your body’s potential, you need a genius. To find the keys to your body’s potential FAST, you need a Twin Anvils Body Genius. 


For many years now, the TWIN ANVILS name has been associated with big budget Hollywood productions and incredible body transformations for some of tinseltown’s biggest stars. But now, Evan, the Body Genius himself (as seen on TV and in all kinds of internet news and also in his own YouTube videos), has carefully scaled his secret proprietary methods into a large and attractive gym that basically anybody can join. 


Welcome to Twin Anvils Body Genius.



I’m Evan.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the human body’s ability to change, and with my ability to make that change happen exactly right and perfectly on schedule. Since working as a fitness consultant on the survival indie “Row Alone” in 2012, I’ve made my methods and expertise available only to an exclusive celebrity clientele (whom I still love and hope to continue working with, honestly). But now, in response to a recent explosion in media attention, I am beyond excited to be taking my unique philosophies from the world of the Hollywood elite to the world of normal everyday people. Most trainers are trying to go the opposite way! I guess that’s just proof that my 


team and I are creating something really special at Twin Anvils Body Genius. Sign up with us, come to our gym, work with us to set aggressive goals, and we will not let you down.  

(PS: I cannot be at the new gym all the time but I promise I will try to stop by as much as possible.) 

"Come to my gym.

We won't let you down."



How we get results

CUSTOMIZATION - You will be paired with a smart and supportive Body Genius - a trainer handpicked by Evan himself - who will become instantly obsessed with your body and the places it can go.


EXPERTISE - There is a right way and a wrong way to get the body you want, and every body is different. Your Body Genius is familiar with these two facts, and many others.


PLANS - Your Body Genius will design a plan for you that makes failure impossible.


COMMITMENT - Your Body Genius will be totally committed to the shocking and speedy improvement of your physical self. 


SLIGHT PREFERENCE FOR FREE WEIGHTS OVER MACHINES - Your Body Genius will express this preference often but is open to the limited use of machines.


REACHING FOR YOUR GOAL - Your Body Genius will repeatedly remind you what you are trying to achieve, and how good it will feel to achieve it.


NOTICING WHEN YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR GOAL - Your Body Genius believes it is okay to brag, and will brag with you. 


RESPECT YOUR LIMITS BUT LOVE YOUR POTENTIAL - Your Body Genius believes that limits are real - but nothing feels better than shattering them! 

These people love our gym

 “Evan is that rare beautiful soul that happens to reside inside a body that is at least as beautiful. His focus on helping you make the physical change you desire is absolute. He shows me again and again that I have the will and the bravery inside myself to carry on. I trust this magnificent Body Genius (and old fashioned cutie) implicitly.
I always will!”

Elaine Therese

(Actor, “Medusa Rises,” “Behind Lady Deborah,” “The Second Trellis”)

Adam Kyle

(Actor, “Kane The Automatic Man,” “Dirty Boy,” “The Dancer”)

“As every actor knows, portraying a character who is unlike oneself is among the most strenuous ordeals one can undertake. Feeling supported is crucial. Evan’s support in the repeated transformation of my body makes me feel that I am infinite, while his friendship and humble simplicity remind me that I am not. Truly, in the vast and tumultuous sea of physical fitness, he is my ship and he is my lighthouse.”

 “Put quite simply, Evan makes the impossible possible.”


 -WESLEY STERN (Actor, “Anywhere You Wanna,” “Skip Miracle,” “Where I Wanted: Wesley Stern In His Own Words LIVE”) 


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